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What can I make?
We are the only studio in Tallahassee! We have over 800 pottery items to paint including cups, plates, bowls, useful household/kitchen items and a great range of fun kids pieces.

How much does it cost?
We only charge for the price of the piece selected. There are no additional studio or sitting fees. Our pottery pieces range from $5.00 to $100.00 with most pieces priced between $12.00 and $30.00.

Do I have to be artistic?
Not at all, that's part of the fun! We provide all the guidance and equipment necessary for everyone to produce something very special, regardless of their artistic ability. We have some easy, simple painting techniques that will help even the most un-creative person make something to be proud of. Carbon transfer paper makes your unique designs incredibly easy.

Can I use the pieces I make?
Yes, you can. We use only non- toxic paints and glazes. All our finished pieces are food safe.

How long does it take to make something?
It really depends on the size of the piece, the detail of your design and the techniques used. Most pieces can be finished within an hour. However, since we do not charge an hourly studio fee, you can relax and take as much time as you need.

What if I don't finish my artwork?
You have 30 days to finish your artwork, with no extra charge. After 30 days your piece will be donated to charity.

Is there a minimum age?
Our customers range in age from 2 months as long as you are living! We are an ideal venue for family fun across all generations.

Can All Firefly Pottery come to us?
Yes, we can. All we charge for is the price of the pieces made plus a $50.00 travel fee. We bring the studio to you with all the materials needed.

Do you serve food and drink or can I bring my own?
We love food (and drink!) but other than can sodas and water, we don't sell it in our studios. You are more than welcome to bring any food and drink with you, including beer and wine. Also try out the many food and drink places all within quick walking distance from our locations.

Do you sell gift cards?
Yes, we do, in any denomination required.

Do you reward regular customers?
We love to reward our regular artists! When you download the FLOK app and join the Firefly Pottery club, you will enjoy a digital punch card that gives you rewards as well as a variety of discounts!

Do you sell already painted and finished pottery?
Yes, we do. Apart from a few items of sentimental value, anything in our studios already painted is for sale.

Can I commission you to paint something for me?
Yes, you certainly can. Our resident artist can create anything you like! Custom artwork starts at $5 for simple writing. After that the price depends on what you would like on your piece. Please ask.

Do I need to make a reservation?
IF you have a party of 8 or more, we highly recommend making a reservation, as all seating is first come first serve. All party bookings need a reservation to guarantee space availability. There will be a $25 deposit required on all reservations.

I have a question that isn't here?
No problem! Just call studio at 850-727-4986 and one of our staff members will be happy to answer it for you.
Firefly Pottery is now taking reservations for our Kids Art Camp program!


Looking for a fun and unique camp for your young artist? Look no further! All Firefly Pottery’s Art Camps will teach your camper how to paint pottery, craft, canvas paint, mosaic, collage, and much more! Campers can book a half day or full day or all week. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today! 

Campers must be 6 -13 years.

Art Camps include: Miscellaneous Saturdays, Holidays as well as Halloween, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas break, Spring Break, and Summer. 

If campers are picked up late, there is a $10 charge for 5-10 minutes late, $20 for 15-20 minutes late, $30 for 25-30 minutes late (so on and so forth). These fees will be due at time of late pick up.

Our fun filled camps are very popular, so book you spot online or call the studio of your choice today! 

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Kidz Night Only (by reservation only)

Kidz Night includes: pizza, juice, and painting pottery. If you are using a groupon, please bring at check-in.


*Pottery is not included*

October 13th, November 17th, December 8th

Kidz Camp

Kidz Night Only

Chosen Options:

Holiday Camps

8:30 - 1:30pm=Half Day: $30-Ages 6-13yrs (pack a lunch and a snack)
8:30-5:30pm= Full Day: $50 - Ages 6 thru 13yrs (pack a lunch and 2 snacks)
* Full Day if you pay for the whole week the cost is $220 for Mon-Fri**
*Half Day if you pay for the whole week the cost is $130 for Mon-Fri**

Friday 10/13: School is out

Full or 1/2 day available
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Pumpkin Carving / Slime

Pumpkin Carving / Slime

Chosen Options:

Friday 11/10: School is out

Full or 1/2 day available
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T-shirts / Fall globes

T-shirts / Fall globes

Chosen Options:

Monday 11/20: School is out

Full or 1/2 day available
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Turkey Wreath

Turkey Wreath

Chosen Options:

Tuesday 11/21: School is out

Full or 1/2 day available
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Turkey Cupcakes

Turkey Cupcakes

Chosen Options:

Wednesday 11/22: School is out

Full or 1/2 day available
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Thankful Boxes

Thankful Boxes

Chosen Options:

Christmas Camp: 12/12-12/22: Full or 1/2 day available

Monday 18th

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Monday 18th

Christmas Camp - Monday 18th

Chosen Options:

Tuesday 19th

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Christmas Camp - Tuesday 19th

Chosen Options:

Wednesday 20th

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Christmas Camp - Wednesday 20th

Chosen Options:

Thursday 21st

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Christmas Camp - Thursday 21st

Chosen Options:

Friday 22nd

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Christmas Camp - Friday 22nd

Chosen Options:

Christmas Camp - ALL WEEK

Christmas Camp

Christmas Camp - Entire Week

Chosen Options:

New Year Camp: Tuesday January 2nd: 1/2 or full day available

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New Years Camp

New Years Camp

Chosen Options: